The Maier Files | A Fiery Mountain in the Harz ?
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A Fiery Mountain in the Harz ?

Venusberg - Fiery mountain

28 Apr A Fiery Mountain in the Harz ?

Venusberg - Fiery mountain


Is there a fiery mountain in the Harz?
At Wartburg, the swan knight Lohengrin was summoned. He came from those mountains where King Arthur lived with his courtiers. Still, where exactly were these mountains situated? In the North? Or nearby Wartburg? in the Harz? Tyrol? South of France? Located there is an gemstone that once fell from the Crown of Righteousness or Lucifer’s Crown (as written in Der Wartburgkrieg). This stone (the Middle German word for “amber” or “magnet”) and the Grail stone must be one and the same, just as the figures of Arthur and Anfortas are the same: a suffering king and the guardian of a holy stone. What the Teutons revered as the dwelling place of Asgard and the realm of the dead goddess Hel in pagan era became, for heretics and Minnesingers in Middle Ages, the Grail Mountain, the Rose garden, Arthur’s round table, Venus Mountain, and Dietrich’s fiery Bel Mount. Their prototype was the “mount of congregation, in the sides of the north,” as Isaiah calls it in the Bible. Due to the influence of the god of intolerance of Abraham, the paradisal Asgard had become a place for the damned: Hell. In late medieval Germany, when someone was hanged, care was taken to see that the face of the hanged looked to the north – to hell. In der Wartburgkrieg, Klingsor from Hungary competed with Wolfram von Eschenbach. This Master Klingsor was said to be in league with the devil, referred to in one of the handwritten originals as Nazarene. Wolfram ultimately overcame Klingsor. Keep in mind Klingsor this name will occur again in the mysterious U-boat exploits in Scotland. Everything seems indeed to be a paradox as Ulva said in the Maier Files.


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