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Beorc Berkana

Beorc Berkana & Maier Files

31 Jan Beorc Berkana

Beorc Berkana & Maier Files

Beorc-Berkana-Brica-Berkna-Bairkan-Bjarkan  is one of the tree runes. The basic symbolism points at the birch tree. The birch was one of the first trees to grow after the retreat of the glaciers, a tree of beginning that was involved in numerous spring festivals. The birch is one of the fertility trees, its rune sign suggesting breasts, the breasts and a pregnant belly or a woman on the ground giving birth. One can see in Beorc  the roots Brengang = to bring / Bergen = to protect, to hide / Berg = a mountain, fortress / Burg = a castle / Berr – Bar = nude, vulnerable. In a sense the Berg concept refers to hills and dolmen. The dolmen structure is the feminine aspect, the womb of stones where rebirth was experienced. Some claim that it’s also the rune of the mother goddess. The shape can be seen as mountains, yet it can also signify waves. (BARA = a wave) See also the wave principle of Otto Maier. And we have the link with lady Berchte, who ends the ‘wild hunt’ time with her namesday on 6th of January. She can also be linked to her Irish counterpart, the goddess Brigid.

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