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The Endless Knot

19 Oct The Endless Knot

Symbolizes compassion and wisdom combined, and the need to unite spiritual and material matters. Different interpretations of the Endless Knot occur in different cultures, including Celtic, Chinese, and in Tibetan Buddhism where it is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, or Ashtamangala. The knot can be...

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Gudrun Maier Files

18 Oct You darkness, from which I come

Du Dunkelheit, aus der ich stamme, Ich liebe dich mehr als die Flamme, Welche die Welt begrenzt, Indem sie glänzt Für irgend einen Kreis, Aus dem heraus kein Wesen von ihr weiß. [vc_row][vc_column width='3/4'] Aber die Dunkelheit hält alles in sich: Gestalten und Flammen, Tiere und mich, Wie sie’s erraft, Menschen und Mächte – Und...

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Nothing appears in real time

06 Oct The Spectre of the Will and Truth

  The Albruna Gudrun, from the Maier files series, once said that Truth doesn't come into the world naked but Truth wants to give herself naked. She is desperately seeking nudity. Jean Braudillard claims that the fact is that this nudity wraps it in a second...

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