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Holy Vehm

Holy Fehm Maier Files

27 Jan Holy Vehm

Holy Fehm Maier Files

The Holy Vehm, is a unique society that brought fear to the German people. Vehm or Fehm is derived from the Latin fama (to set apart, it can also mean wisdom or black). Although they were believed to have disappeared at the end of the 16th century, their symbol was a red cross on a white background. Their disappearance seems to have occurred at the same time as the appearance of the Rosicrucians. The standard orthodox history claims that by the middle of the 13th century (at the height of Templar power), Westphalia was suffering from a state of lawlessness and oppression from mercenaries, gangs and outlaws. Holy Vehm was created by freemen and ex-outlaws who had business and family concerns. Initially they were backed and got aid of the Holy Church. They organised secret Tribunals (Heimliches Gericht) almost always resulting in execution. Their mighty arm reached far and wide over the known world and special executioners were sent to hunt outlaws down and kill without trial! During the initiation the candidate would swear on oath to kill himself and his family should he reveal himself to be a member. The Stuhlherrn (judge) would then place his sword across the candidate’s throat and draw a few drops of blood to seal the oath. A strange fact is that they reemerged again with true vengeance in the 1930’s and they disappeared again by the end of WW2.

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