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Monetary Crimes

02 May A history of Monetary Crimes

In 1899 Alexander Del Mar stated in his book "Barbara Villiers or A history of Monetary Crimes", this: FROM the remotest time to the seventeenth century of our era, the right to coin money and to regulate its value (by giving it denominations, a belief of...

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17 Jun Episode 3 – Release date JUNE 30

Upcoming Release: June 30 -Find out what happened to Lena Mueller after she was brutally kidnapped. Cargo S-44, episode 3, is the new stunning follow-up to the Prequel and episode 2, Awakening, of the Maier Files series. The story continues  with the first mission of...

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15 Feb Help us and watch this!

Please consider to support the indie-project Maier Files and the production of episode 3. You can help us in several ways, from buying the episodes or getting an original T-shirt to sharing. Sharing isn't something people necessarily think of as being useful or important but...

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