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The story of Parzival – Chapter 2

Herzeloyde & Gahmuret

21 Jan The story of Parzival – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Parzival´s father and mother meet …
Once in Spain, Gahmuret pursued a round of tournaments leading from one country to the next. In Wales he came to a huge encampment, for the Queen of that land had convened a contest for knights from many countries, including Arthur, king of the Britons and head of the Round Table. Apart from jousting, romantic intrigues engaged many of the warriors. Gahmuret was quite infatuated with the recently widowed queen of France, but another woman stood in his destiny. This was Herzeloyde (Herzeleide), queen of Wales and granddaughter of Titurel, the Gral King. Her husband had died before they consummated their marital bond, so Herzeloyde challenged the knights to compete for her hand, and Gahmuret won. He accepted with reticence his second bride, for his pride was wounded at being selected in this way. Gahmuret´s heart was troubled by one foreign wife he had abandoned and another who now claimed marital status, supported by the Church. He longed to venture forth in feats of bravery in spite of Herzeloyde’s claim. The knight of Anjou was fated by fairy blood (the female creature who had mated with his father was not human) to conflicted love.

In his passion for female charms, Gahmuret went to Herzeloyde’s bed, and the couple were consumed in kisses. When the knight (now king in Wales) freed the men he had defeated and rewarded them with many riches, all he claimed for himself was the silken nightgown of his lady, which he attached decorously to his armor. Then he followed his courage to engage in combat overseas. Herzeloyde, now abandoned, soon had a startling dream of a shooting-star, the announcement that the mighty Gahmuret had finally been killed by treachery. The father was dead, but at eighteen weeks his child quickened in her womb. The widow called her son Parzival.


Herzeloyde & Gahmuret

Herzeloyde & Gahmuret

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