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A Deeper Analysis of the Maier Files and World events. An alternate history graphic novel
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Cecil Williamson and Mi6
The Occult Adepts of British Intelligence (4)

The Occult Adepts of British Intelligence, Cecil Williamson continuation of previous post   –>  Did Crowley get involved in the interrogation of Rudolf Hess?   Another occultist...

Rudolg Hess & Aleister Crowley
Did Crowley interrogate Rudolf Hess?

Did Crowley get involved in the interrogation of Rudolf Hess? continuation of previous post   -->      The Occult Adepts of British Intelligence (2) Maxwell...

Flying disc development Deutsche illustrierte
Flying Saucer invented in Germany

Exact 75 years ago - on 15 july 1941, Rudolf Schriever started the development of a jet driven flying disc.   [vc_row][vc_column width='3/4'] Article published in...

Holle Hel Hulda Berchte
Holle: a nearly absolute power? A backstory

Holle: a nearly absolute power? A backstory Some tidbits about Holle Hella, Hel, known to all Germanic peoples, including the Goths as Hellarunester. A Gothic...

Dennis Wheatley Mi6
The Occult Adepts of British Intelligence (2)

The Occult Players Continuation of post 1 The Occult Adepts of British Intelligence After Tom Driberg was brought in, he introduced Crowley to the...

The birth of bard Taliesin
The mysterious Celtic bard Taliésin

Backstory Keep this story in mind too, as the Maier Files huge storyline will continue. Surprising links exist with historical battles and quests. As...

Maier mit a-i
The unknown Otto Maier

1931, the great scientist Otto Maier started the developement of  a special kind of engine. Maier was an eccentric, highly skilled engineer working...

Bring me a Rose
The secret to regain lost paradise

There is a marvellous Tyrolean legend. The fiancée of a prince brings the “rose of memory” to the land of her betrothed. When...

Crowley and Tregedar
The Occult Adepts of British Intelligence

British Intelligence and the Occult. A backstory of Maier Files - true, non-fiction facts. Part 1 - Aleister Crowley, agent 666 and Lord Tregedar One of...

Eastern 7 against Norse 9
Seven versus Nine

Tidbits -> 7 - 7 - 16 We already mentioned the number 9 and its sacred importance for Germanic peoples.  Among the Germanics 7...

Rockets and UFO article
Rockets or Meteors?

"Raketen oder Meteore" Article published in the Newspaper "Die Welt" 1952 Several celestial phenomena were observed from Tyrol to Scandinavia.[vc_separator type='transparent' position='center' color='' thickness='20'...

Vehmic Courts
Vehmic courts

  Germany has seen the rise and fall of numerous secret orders and has harbored or encouraged the development of them more than most...

Deadly Double
Deadly Double – samenzwering of toeval?

Er zijn heel wat vreemde gebeurtenissen, mysteries en anomaliën in de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Een van de raadsels is de Deadly Double advertentie. Een paar...

Episode 3 – Release date JUNE 30

Upcoming Release: June 30 -Find out what happened to Lena Mueller after she was brutally kidnapped. Cargo S-44, episode 3, is the new...

Het mysterie van Otto Maier

De serie Maier Files brengt het mysterie van Otto Maier. Otto Maier was een excentrieke, hoogopgeleide ingenieur die vanaf 1928 werkzaam was bij...

Backstory Maier Files BIS bank
Major cover ups

  Backstories on Maier files. The the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) was established on 17 May 1930, The following information can be found on the...

Een goed bewaakte schat in Zillertal

Een van de vele mysteries en vreemde zaken in de geschiedenis van de tweede wereldoorlog is een bizar voorval dat plaatsvond op twee...

Venusberg Tannhauser
Is this the Venusberg?

Grimm writes that the Hörselberg of Thuringia was still considered in the 10th through 14th centuries to be the residence of the German...

Otto Maier Secret
De geheimen van Otto Maier

  Op het hoofdkwartier van de Amerikaanse militaire inlichtingendienst, slaagden de beste experten er in om de Japanse zogenaamde Purple Code te ontcijferen. Wanneer...

Otto Maier Secret
The Secret of Otto Maier

  At the headquarters of the US Military Intelligence Service, experts succeeded in decoding Japan's so called Purple Code. When one thinks about cryptography...

Helgoland and Amber
Strange connections Müller and Amber

    There's a strange connection with Amber and the Amber routes. An ancient postcard showed up with a signature of Müller. Heligoland, the holy...

Dietrich the return to the Golden Age
The paradise Garden of Roses

One day, a knight in the mould of Dietrich von Bern was riding on the very old Troj de rèses, the footpath of...

Gratis verzending
Dit weekend Vanadisnacht Heksentoeren

  Wist je dat er al voor de eerste jaartelling Vanadisnacht gevierd werd? Nog een keer slapen en het is Walpurgisnacht of Vanadisnacht. Volgens aloud...

Venusberg - Fiery mountain
A Fiery Mountain in the Harz ?

  Is there a fiery mountain in the Harz? At Wartburg, the swan knight Lohengrin was summoned. He came from those mountains where King Arthur...

Hellirunar Helja
The people who rune

The Hellirunar describes people who 'rune' (Speak, sing, whisper) with Hel/Helja, the goddess and realm of the underworld. "Hell", in its original meaning...

Viktor Schauberger
They took everything from me

  Viktor Schauberger - his father was master woodsman in Holzschlag at Lake Plockenstein, and Viktor absorbed accumulated wisdom of generations of forest wardens....

Acht, eight, infinity
The number Eight

All numbers have meanings, and different meanings within different cultures. But there is one number that seems to cross cultures, transcending religious and...

Free delivery Promotion
Free delivery

  Get global free delivery for 2+ items from 25 April to 1 May 2016 -  Use Voucher code at checkout: TWOWOO ...

Hellfire Club London
Feiten over de Hell-fire Club

Zou het kunnen dat de Londense club in de Maier Files episode 2,  de beruchte Hell-fire Club is? The Hell-Fire club in Londen...

Hellfire Club London
The facts behind the Hell-fire club

Could it be that the London club mentioned in the Maier Files episode 2, is inspired by the Hell-fire Club? The Hell-Fire club...