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A Deeper Analysis of the Maier Files and World events. An alternate history graphic novel
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Von Sebottendorf
The Occult Players – Sebottendorf

[vc_row][vc_column width='3/4'] We already mentioned some occult and secret society members who influenced war and pre-war decisions in England and worked for the intelligence...

Maier Files Posts

The discovery of some diaries leads to a mystery protected by a squad of ex-soldiers which could shake the orthodox history. De ontdekking van...

the underground folk
The mystery of the underground folk

Legends and myths have commonly viewed as work of fiction, superstition, or fantasy. However, many have theorized that myths were, in fact, a...

T-shirt Sales
T-shirt sales!

15% off the entire order! Use coupon code: SPRING16 Gebruik Tegoedbon: SPRING16 en profiteer van de 15% korting op uw totale bestelling!...

The Cabal of Mani
The Cabal of Mani

The dualistic religious system of Mani is a combination of Gnostic Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and various other elements, with a basic doctrine of...

Support the Maier Files
Please consider to support

It takes many hours each day to improve the Maier Files art-work and tell this dizzying dark conspiracy tale. Anyhow we intend to...

Steun de Maier Files
Beetje steun kunnen we best gebruiken

Het vergt vele uren per dag om de Maier Files verder te blijven verbeteren en verder te laten evolueren en zo dit duizelingwekkend...

Verboden Kennis
Verboden Kennis

De geschiedenis is een grote leugen.  Wendell Holmes zei ooit dat de geschiedenis is wat de winnaars zeggen dat het is.  De hele...

Secret temple
The secrets of the holy forest

Did you know that - fidus in silvis silentibus — faithful to the silent forests, was also the family motto of Viktor Schauberger....

minnestreel - Frans Vleeminckx
De Geheimen van de Minne

  Wie waren de hoeders van de vergeten kennis? De schrijver Aventinus verklaarde dat de Minne of de Minnezanger niets te maken had met liefde...

Minnesingers secrets
The Secrets of the Minnesinger

  Who were the keepers of forgotten knowledge? The writer Aventinus stated that the Minne and the Minnesingers did not have anything to do with...

Apollo from Hyperborea
Apollo from Hyperborea

  TIDBITS - Backstory Apollo from Hyperborea - Apollo, the Bearer of Light, patron of poets and travellers, would never abandon his own in...

Secret Gold Stash
Demolish the gold standard

"Money magic printing press" technology did not come easily. The only way you can print money out of thin air and have people...

hidden pictures
Can you see the hidden picture?

Most of us have had the experience, either as parents or youngsters, of trying to discover the "hidden picture" within another picture in...

Help us and watch this!

Please consider to support the indie-project Maier Files and the production of episode 3. You can help us in several ways, from buying...

missing Reichsbank gold
Where’s the gold?

During the late 1920s, the German Reichsbank President Dr. Hjalmar Schacht visited his friend, Benjamin Strong, then president of  the New York Federal...


Except for Hel, Frigg was the most widely known of the early Germanic goddesses. Her name appears in many tales as chief among...

Bearer bonds - Bullion
The bearer bonds …

TIDBITS - backstory  Maier Files  - Within the insider circles of the international community, much of the atrocities and problems of WW1 were...

Raaf Maier Files

Zoals Tacitus in zijn Germania (Hfdstk 10) vermeldt, kenden de Germanen het voorspellen op grond van het geschreeuw of de vlucht van vogels....

Skull Cups and their origin

In Sanskrit, skull cups are known as kapala, and they are generally formed from the oval section of the upper cranium. They served...


In Sanskriet zijn schedelkelken, kapala, en zij worden in het algemeen gemaakt van het bovenste deel van de cranium. Ze dienden als houders...

Berkana en Maier Files
Berkana en Maier Files (NL)

Beork-Beorc-Berkana-Brica-Berkna-Bairkan-Bjarkan is één van runen die geassocieerd is met bomen. De basissymboliek verwijst naar de berk. De berk was één van de eerste...

Beorc Berkana & Maier Files
Beorc Berkana

Beorc-Berkana-Brica-Berkna-Bairkan-Bjarkan  is one of the tree runes. The basic symbolism points at the birch tree. The birch was one of the first trees...

Scotland U-boat
What happened?

The waters off Skelmorlie on the Ayrshire coast (Scotland) have been suggested as the site of an unidentified U-Boat wreck from World War...

Holy Fehm Maier Files
Holy Vehm

The Holy Vehm, is a unique society that brought fear to the German people. Vehm or Fehm is derived from the Latin fama...

Ceridwen, Scotland, Brigid, Arthur secret
Secrets of Scotland

High up in the northern Hebridean Islands of Great Britain is a beautiful well, in the village of Melbost. The well is known...

Rolf Dietrich Maier Files
Rolf Dietrich – Nederlands

De Tannhäuser van Aventinus, die de 'rozentuin' bereikt is een koning, die later een god wordt. Deze profetie wordt bevestigd door het feit...

Rolf Dietrich Maier Files
Rolf Dietrich

The Tannhäuser of Aventinus, who reaches the ‘rose garden’ is a king, who later becomes a god. His divination is confirmed by the...

U-boat Carradale
Real Sighting ! – Echt waargenomen !

In November 1939 a local school bus driver spotted a U-Boat visiting Carradale bay. The sighting was telephoned to the naval headquarters in...

The Grail - Maier Files
The mystery of the Grail

The most popular of all Grail Romances is the German epic poem Parzifal composed by Wolfram von Eschenbach, written sometime between 1200 and...

De Graal
Het mysterie van de Graal

De meest populaire van alle Graal Gedichten is het Duitse epos Parzival, geschreven door Wolfram von Eschenbach, ergens tussen 1200 en 1216. Hij...

Maier Files episode 02
What happened behind the closed doors?

History TIDBITS - Maier Files 1939 - Prime minister Chamberlain continued to be Prime Minister despite the failure of his appeasement policies. His downfall...

Rosengarten Mystery Backstory

Some backstory is necessary in most stories. In the Maier Files the reference to the Rose garden and Roses will become more important...

Maier Files Wevers
Verborgen achtergrond in de Maier Files

Het sacraal weven!  Weven is existeren. Onder de wereld-es, weefden de 3 vreemde zusters de Levensdraad. De oudste, Urda hecht de eerste knoop...

Secrets of the South Pole

For 47 days, US-control stations on the edge of the Antarctic receive mysterious reports of activity in the area of the South Pole....

Happy New Year! – Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

AAN IEDEREEN EEN GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR! TO EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Heel graag willen wij iedereen, die ons op de een of andere manier gesteund...