The Maier Files | The Maier Files series - mysteries & conspiracy
Maier files and the history of Otto Maier, a story about limitless money and hidden global power. The tiranny and machinations of the world's most powerful central bank and its secret societies. More than just a comic!
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About Maier files

Many years ago I met a man named Naumann and I’m dedicating this entire graphic novel series to him and his mesmerizing story. The first time I met him was on one of my work related trips to Dresden, Germany. He ran a hotel business and he was a delight to talk to.

Every time I was in Germany for business I looked him up and we quickly became firm friends. I found I could ask him questions about more or less anything and he would tell me what he knew. During the course of one of our lively conversations, he baffled me by announcing that he inherited a big secret. “I carry a burden for too long now,” he explained, “it sounds crazy but keep listening… ”
This would become the most bizarre and compelling story I ever heard. His story became the basis of the Maier Files and in a sense I’m producing the story, I wanted him to write.

During World War 2, Otto Maier vanished

and became everyone’s most wanted man

The last conversation of Maier was to his co-worker Ernst Winkler, to whom he mysteriously said “I’ll see you on the other side.” 

Two love birds Dieter and Lena, brought them to surface: the Maier-diaries. The Maier files series is their story and ordeal. By delving into their own family history they open up “a Pandora’s box” of secrets.

Unravelling a hidden, dark history of corrupt global financiers, politicians and a occult war. Follow Dieter and Lena into their dark odyssey finding the truth because only the true secret of the Grail can protect the seeker.

Episode “Otto Maier”

What is historical or “suprahistorical” passes little by little into history. But legends do not concentrate on recounting recent events as a historian would. To put this into perspective, we have to speak of fantastical deformation and the poetic. But this “poetry” is perhaps more true than modern historic descriptions, because legend is the veritable soul of a people which explains the decisive forces that have determined its past. Its role is to conjure images and not to describe absolute events but the fateful pressures that produced them.” 

–  Karl Robert Eduard von Hartmann

Otto Maier

Otto Maier just stepped off the map. Among the multitude of theories about his journals is one that holds Maier concocted it as a cryptographic decoy to draw the attention away from a bullion theft. But things are never as they seem. When reading between the lines, a far more extraordinary story unfolds. Is it possible that Otto Maier was a modern day Argonaut, a defender of freedom, who sought and found his Golden Fleece?

Otto Maier

Much of this takes us into worlds of the weird, metaphysical and supernatural. A lot of his scribbles, is unbelievable, even downright irrational…

But, who knows? What if it turns out to be true that there’s something of most value hiding within? Maier, nevertheless took a truly fascinating journey. Follow the bread crumbs he left behind and take up the task of lifting the curtain on this world stage. And, like any good story, it is one which rewards repeated telling, and which only grows more relevant to each new hearing.

Division Parzival

The enigmatic and dissident German SS-division Parzival. To some only a myth to others a dark reality. Who were those men? What did they protect and are they really linked to the Holy Grail-quest, or is this only a smoke screen for a simple banking fraud scheme and bullion theft?

Division Parzival

Rumors tell that a witch society protects a very ancient Germanic sanctuary in Teutoburg forest. Their leader was a mysterious woman called the Albruna Gudrun. Did she really came from a place, as some claim, somewhere beyond the North? And did her teachings show the young girls the pathway to worlds of mystery and enchantment?

Hexenkommando H
What if? …

What if there’s plenty more layered into the Maier files than you first thought? Because in this world every detail adds up to something and there’s a deeper level which means one needs only to find the proper key to access it. A key that also can open the mythical “Großer Rosengarten”. A key that could reveal a secret knowledge hidden in an ancient Teutonic history about the 12 protecting knights… At first sight, you may have thought Maier files is just a comic, think again!


I read your Mind

I read your mind - test me

Bring me a Rose from

the good old days.

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