10 most intriguing German Flying Saucer articles published between 1945 – 1969
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10 most intriguing German Flying Saucer articles published between 1945 – 1969

10 most intriguing German Flying Saucer articles published between 1945 – 1969

Quoted interview – German Ex-Airforce Captain Schriever in Deutsche illustrierte 1953 – “If we could have worked further, those flying saucers would have been as common as fresh breads in a bread basket.”

“We built flying discs” interview with Airforce engineer G. Sautier. He tells the story about the engineering of the wonder weapons and several types of flying disc shaped aircrafts! To his account these inventions never got into the hands of Americans nor Russians …

Silver saucers producing engine noise in the sky above Tirol. Flying Saucers appear at the same time in South Sweden, Denmark and at the Baltic Sea. In Munkedal (Sweden) people could see for a period of 25 minutes a big light ball and 3 smaller ones exchanging light signals. It even fired some kind of rocket.

Wiesbadener Kurier
1952  –  Green fire balls are spotted by several pilots in the USA and in Europe. They form a diagonal pattern and it appears like they are linked like in a chain. It’s hard to believe that this could be a natural phenomenon.

Der Spiegel
Interview with a Chief Engineer Klein. He stated that on 14 February 1945, he was an eyewitness of the first launch and test flight of a manned flying disc in Prague.

Towards the end of 1949 also the Chilean Navy was sent to Antartica, the fleet led by Admiral Orrego brought a few hundred meters footage back that showed flying saucers as they circled around their ships.

ZB illustrierte 1957 In the nineteen-fifties the German flying discs developments have been admitted, and were so to speak, common knowledge to the public.

Der Spiegel
Something was going on at the South Pole. Many unknown airplanes and strange flying objects have been spotted in the region. People vanished and appeared out of thin air. The AEC ordered a huge expedition and military fleet led by Lt. Richard Byrd to Antartica

New York Times: A new German weapon has made its appearance on the western air front, it was disclosed today. Silver colored spheres are encountered in the air over German territory.

Many people saw a mysterious fireball flying over the river Elbe. Sightings occured in the regio between the rivers Elbe and Weser. The police in Bremerhaven started an investigation.