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There is another dimension to the game, however, that involves more than mere profits and scam. The schemes of the World bank and IMF Revealed!
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Building the New World Order

IMF Socialist Conspiracy

20 May Building the New World Order

The IMF and the World Bank, were created at a meeting of global financiers and politicians held at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944. Their declared objectives were to encourage universal exchange and to settle the trade rates of national currencies. The unannounced objectives were quite different. They were the end of the gold-trade standard as the premise of money valuation and the foundation of world socialism. The strategy by which gold was to be eliminated in international trade was to supplant it with a world currency which the IMF, acting as a world central bank, would make out of nothing. The strategy by which world socialism was to be set up was to utilize the World Bank to transfer money – masked as loans to the governments of the underdeveloped countries and to do so in such a way as to insure the demise of free enterprise. The money was to be delivered from the hands of government officials, politicians and civil servants into the hands of other politicians and bureaucrats. When the money comes from government, goes to government, and is administred by government, the result will be the expansion of government.

The theoreticians who dominated the meeting at Bretton Woods were the outstanding Fabian Socialist from England, John Maynard Keynes, and the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Harry Dexter White. White became the first Executive Director for the United States at the IMF.
The Fabians were an elite group of intellectuals who agreed with Communists as to the goal of socialism but disagreed over the tactics. Whereas Communists advocated revolution by force and violence, Fabians advocated gradualism and the transformation of society through legislation.

It was found out in later years that Harry Dexter White was an individual from a Communist espionage ring. Thus, hidden from view, there was a complex drama taking place in which the two intellectual founders of the Bretton-Woods accords were a Fabian Socialist and a Communist, working together to bring about their mutual goal: world socialism.  Capital for the IMF and the World Bank originates from the industrialized countries, with the U.S. setting up the most. Funds consist partly of hard currencies -such as the dollar, yen, at that time the mark and franc- but these are augmented by many times that amount in the form of “credits.” These are merely promises by member governments to get the money from their taxpayers if the Bank gets into trouble with its loans.

While the IMF is slowly developing into a national bank for the world, the World Bank is filling in as its loaning arm. In that capacity, it has turned into the motor for transferring riches from the industrialized countries to the underdeveloped nations. While this has lowered the economic level of the donating countries, it has not raised the level of the recipients. The money has simply disappeared down the drain of political corruption and waste.

As in a previous post mentioned the scheme – the Federal Reserve System – was called the Bailout, the same is done now internationally. The overall objective is to have the taxpayers cover the defaulted loans so that the interest payments can continue going to the banks. The distinctions are:

1. instead of justifying this as protecting the homeland public, the pretense is that it is to save the world from poverty; and
2. the main money pipeline goes from the Federal Reserve through the IMF/World Bank. Otherwise, the rules are basically the same.

There is another dimension to the game, however, that involves more than mere profits and scam. It is the conscious and deliberate evolution of the IMF/World Bank into a world central bank with the power to issue a world fiat currency. And that is an important step in an even larger plan to build a true world government within the framework of the United Nations. Economically strong nations are not candidates for surrendering their sovereignty to a world government. Therefore, through “loans” that will never paid back, the IMF/World Bank directs the massive transfer of wealth from industrialized nations to the less developed nations. This ongoing process eventually drains their economies to the point where they also will be in need of assistance. No longer capable of independent action, they will accept the loss of sovereignty in return of international aid.

The less developed countries, on the other hand, are being brought into The New World Order along an entirely different route. Many of these countries are ruled by petty tyrants who care little for their people except how to extract more taxes from them without causing revolt. Loans from the IMF/World Bank are used primarily to perpetuate themselves and their ruling parties in power – and that is exactly what the IMF/World Bank intends. Rhetoric about helping the poor notwithstanding, the true goal of the transfer of wealth disguised as loans is to get control over the leaders of the less developed countries. After these despots get used to the taste of such unlimited supply of sweet cash, they will never be able to break the habit. They will content -already are content- to become little gold-plated cogs in the giant machinery of world government. Ideology means nothing to them: capitalist, communist, socialist, fascist, what does it matter so long as the money keeps coming. The IMF/World Bank literally is buying these countries and using our money to do it. The inclusion of Red China and the former Soviet bloc on the list of IMF/World Bank recipient countries signals the final phase of the game. Now that latin America and Africa have been “purchased” into the New World Order, this is the final frontier. In relatively short time span, China, Russia, and the Eastern European countries have now become the biggest borrowers and, already, they are in arrears on their payments. It’s theft on global scale … Nothing is ever what it seems.

-to be continued-
src. E.Griffin




IMF Socialist Conspiracy