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17 Jan Rosengarten Mystery Backstory

Some backstory is necessary in most stories. In the Maier Files the reference to the Rose garden and Roses will become more important as the series continues. Did you notice something about the pharmacy Lena went to in the Maier Files episode 2? Is it coincidence...

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06 Oct The Hessdalen lights

Last week we accidentally stumbled upon – that’s how it works at StumbleUpon, isn’t it ? – a picture of the so called Hessdalen lights. An interesting phenomenon in the UFO category (it are, until now, non identified flying objects), be it by the sole...

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Knocky Magazine

29 Sep Others on The Maier-Files

There’s no accounting for tastes, some say. We absolutely agree on that and so don’t expect everybody will think of The Maier-Files as beautiful or interesting just because we do think it is, but nevertheless we’re always happy when readers let us know that we’re...

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24 Sep TR-3B and the Belgian UFO-wave

Strange how little things can remind us of things that happened a very long time ago. For example the two sentences Dorn read this morning in the book “Dark Star” by Henry Stevens (very interesting, by the way, though a little too technical):   “If this were...

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15 Sep Chemtrails: next level

Honestly, we never were “believers” where the so called “chemtrails” are considered, and we still wouldn’t dare saying whether the theory about it, being that governments or other organisations deliberately spread certain substances in the atmosphere with airplanes, is correct. We namely never have been...

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strip step

12 Sep The Maier-Files’ first steps

  The previous weeks we have not just been writing and drawing, rewriting and redrawing book 1, but were especially busy making our own publicity and promoting the free prequel to the comic series on the internet. A more than fulltime job which is not immediately...

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