Chemtrails: next level
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Chemtrails: next level

Chemtrails: next level

Honestly, we never were “believers” where the so called “chemtrails” are considered, and we still wouldn’t dare saying whether the theory about it, being that governments or other organisations deliberately spread certain substances in the atmosphere with airplanes, is correct. We namely never have been very good at science and so we’re willing to accept without much ado that the so called “chemtrails” are really “contrails”. As far as we’re concerned the “lines” which airplanes draw in the air, the white trails, thus are a matter of condensation.


However, we don’t think that governments tell us everything, left alone that what they tell is necessarily true, and we surely wouldn’t say that governments or other organizations are not capable of dumping chemicals or other substances in the atmosphere. On the contrary, we know that they have done it before. For instance in the United Kingdom (but also in the United States) where the government itself has admitted to spraying potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over the population in the years between 1940 and 1979 without adverting that population about it. Reason ? Because they wanted to test how chemical or biological weapons would spread in the air by simulating an attack with substances like zinc cadmium sulfide or bacteria like e.coli or bacillus atrophaeus. Of course completely harmless … according to the people who came up with the tests.


Would governments or other organisations still (be able to) do that today ? Probably. But they will never tell you. As a spokeswoman of the British Porton Down answered the question: “It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research”.


That being said: maybe the people who have been worrying about the “chemtrails” for years have concentrated on the wrong phenomenon and should, literally, have been reading, or better: looking, between the lines. That is what the images in this video (forget about the comments for a while) seem to make clear anyhow …



Oh yeah, do we need to repeat what our hero Rolf Dietrich says in the free prequel to The Maier-Files ?: trust no one.