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The Criminal Banking Cartel's End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System! Central Bankers push for mass acceptance of their digital monetary system through their media propaganda blitz ...
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Criminal Banking Cartel’s End Game


24 May Criminal Banking Cartel’s End Game

The Criminal Banking Cartel’s End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System!

Today, the media is making a deliberate push to condition the masses to an extremely dangerous idea of a cashless society – the end goal that the banking cartel wishes to impose upon the world in an effort to control and subjugate anyone that may dare have the guts to oppose any of their multitude of anti-humanitarian banking activities.


Central Bankers push for mass acceptance of their digital monetary system through their media propaganda blitz, Central Banks continue to buy massive amounts of gold, even though they still employ their shills to tell you that gold is not money, affecting a remarkable about-face in policy from just a few years ago when they were consistently net sellers every year of 500 tonnes of gold or more. Today, Central Banks have to transformed from massive sellers of gold into massive net buyers of gold. At a minimum, this turnaround from net selling to net buying in just the past several years is 1000+ tonnes but could possibly be in the multiples of this figure as “official” figures of gold purchases are always significantly understated due to Central Banks’ delays in reporting gold purchases or avoidance of reporting purchases at all. For example, China has not reported any increase in their official gold reserves since 2009 although their imports of physical gold through the port of Hong Kong has recently been skyrocketing. Could it be a mere coincidence that Central Banks are so concerned with buying as much physical gold as possible right now at a time when their owners are engaging on a massive propaganda campaign in pushing an agenda of a 100% digital monetary source? I think not.


Furthermore, the Central Bank race to the bottom in their fiat currency devaluation war and their devolution into a permanent Zero Interest Rate Policy continues to chug along. Just this past week, the Reserve Bank of Australia cut its key interest rate by 25 bp. When is the last time you heard a Central Bank in any major global economy help protect the purchasing power of people’s savings and in particular, help the elderly in their country that depend upon the preservation of the purchasing power of their savings, by raising interest rates? Thus despite the global stock market’s surge in the past couple of days that is largely attributable to the leaked news from the WSJ’s Jon Hilsenrath that QEIII is back on the table, I’m not as positive as everyone else seems to be that the Feds will make such an announcement at their next meeting this upcoming June 19th and 20th. Why my uncertainty in a sea of certainty? For one, the Feds have a reputation for deviously building expectations in the public eye and then doing the exact opposite of what the public expects to gain the maximum desired effect in their manipulations. As I’ve stated dozens of times in the past, I believe that the end game of the Central Banking cartel is to usher in another manufactured crisis that utterly destroys the US dollar and the Euro so that they can implement measures, perhaps a pure digital money society, that allows them to consolidate their power over the people to an even greater degree. Of course, creating and introducing trillions of additional dollars into the monetary base will effectively destroy the dollar over time, as it reinforces their current “extend and pretend” strategy. One of the most effective tools of countering the elite banking cartel’s agenda is simply to buy more physical gold and physical silver and/or to convert a comfortable percentage of your paper fiat savings into physical gold and physical silver. – JS Kim

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