Did you ever have an experience that turned your whole world upside down?
Maybe you saw a ghost or a UFO. Perhaps you had an unusual, vivid dream that seemed real. Maybe you suddenly knew that a certain event was going to happen in the future...
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Did you ever have an experience that turned your whole world upside down?

Rolf Dietrich secrets

Did you ever have an experience that turned your whole world upside down?

Did you ever have an experience that turned your whole world upside down?

Maybe you saw a ghost or a UFO. Perhaps you had an unusual, vivid dream that seemed real. Maybe you suddenly knew that a certain event was going to happen in the future. Or, perhaps you saw a creature or a being that did not fi t the description of anything known in the natural world. At first you might have thought your imagination was playing tricks on you. Then, perhaps, you wondered about what you experienced and went looking for an explanation.

Every day and night people have experiences they can’t explain. For many people these events are life changing. Their comfort zone of what they can accept as “real” is put to the test. It takes only one such experience for people to question the reality of the mysterious worlds that might exist beyond the one we live in. Perhaps you haven’t encountered the unknown, but you have an intense curiosity about it. Either way, by visiting Maier files, you’ve started already an adventure to explore and learn more, and you’ve come to the right place!

As a seeker of knowledge, you have plenty of company. Mythology, folklore, and records of the past indicate that human beings have had extraordanary experiences throughout history. Even prehistoric cave paintings and gravesites suggest that early humans had concepts of the supernatural and of an afterlife. Humans have consistently sought to understand paranormal experiences and to place them into a frame of reference that makes sense to us in our daily lives. Some of the greatest minds in history have grappled with questions about the paranormal. For example, Greek philosopher Plato pondered the nature of dreams and how we “travel” during them. Isaac Newton was interested in the esoteric study of alchemy, which has magical elements, and St. Thomas Aquinas explored the characteristics of angels and spirits. Philosopher William James joined organizations dedicated to psychical research; and even the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, wanted to build a machine that could speak with the dead. In recent times, physicists such as David Bohm, Stephen Hawking, William Tiller, and Michio Kaku have developed ideas that can help explain how and why paranormal phenomena happen, and neuroscience researchers like Michael Persinger have explored the nature of consciousness. Paranormal experiences have been consistent throughout the ages, but explanations of them have changed as societies, cultures, and technologies have changed. For example, our ancestors were much closer to the invisible realms. In times when life was “simpler”, they saw, felt, and encountered other realities every single day. When night fell, the darkness was dense and quiet, and it was simpler to see extraordinary things, such as ghosts. They had no electricity to keep the night brightened. They had no means for constant communication and amusement. Travelling was difficult. They had more time to discover subtle things that were just beyond their normal senses. Few doubted their experiences. They recognized the hidden realms as an expansion of normal life. Today, we have a lot of distractions. We are continuously busy, from the time we wake up until we go to sleep. The world is filled with light and noise 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have television, the Internet, PC games, and mobile phones to maintain us busy, busy, busy. We are now ruled by technology and science. Yet, we still have paranormal encounters much like those of our ancestors. Because these occurrences do not fit nicely into science and technology, many people think they are illusions, and there are many skeptics always ready to debunk the mystical experiences and reinforce that idea.

Same thing happened to the characters in Maier files series. What if Rolf Dietrich wasn’t delusional or suffering a psychotic disorder after all? what if Otto Maier was on to something and wasn’t the mad scientist, as he was ridiculed and portraited after the war? What if there truely exists an ancient secret guarded in central Europe, a secret society under the name House of the Chalice? All conspiracy nutcases? Perhaps there’s a hidden message, something between the lines and it’s less crazy than it appears on first sight.

Wasn’t it around 1847 in Vienna when a doctor, called Ignaz Semmelweis, discovered that the mortality rate for women giving birth into an hospital and where the deliveries were being conducted by doctors, was just insane high? It’d cycle between 10%  and 35%. That means between 1 and 3 of every 10 women died. Now, Semmelweis had the preposterous notion that if doctors were only to wash their hands that they might save some lives like they did in an other hospital where he could demonstrate a mortality rate below 1%. Now, quite rightly, the medical community from that era would have none of this and they hounded him to the point where he actually went into an assail asylum where he shortly afterwards died.

If Semmelweis had been correct, that would also mean that idiots, like Louis Pasteur, who come along with these crazy notions of germs causing disease, these tiny, little, microscopic things you can’t even see with your eye come along and can kill full-grown human beings. That’s insanity! Louis Pasteur too was quite rightly, vilified, criticized and ignored by the medical community because some notions are so preposterous that they have no place in a scientific community.

A nutcase and madman named Galileo Galilei came even up with ideas so foolish and absurd in philosophy, totally ridiculous by claiming the earth and planets turn around the sun. He met with opposition from astronomers, who doubted heliocentrism because of the absence of an observed stellar parallax.

Another lunatic to the community was Giordano Bruno. So the agents for deeper, murkier powers, powers whose long-term plans and goals were very directly threatened by the man and his ideas burned him alive on ash wednesday in the year 1600.

As you go deeper into Maier files series, you may come up with new ideas for explanations.  That’s one of the appealing aspects of investigation into hidden histories —there is always room for bold ideas. So, keep an open and curious mind, and think big. Different readers will find different centres of interest. Mysterious worlds are waiting for you!