The Maier Files | Free Energy and Fantastic U-boats
A universal power such as Free-Energy could release man from many of the burdens now present in our world money systems. But who has such a secret?
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Free Energy and Fantastic U-boats

Free Energy - Otto Maier

06 Apr Free Energy and Fantastic U-boats

Let’s take this time a closer look to the story of Oskar Gross in Maier files series and the fact that he claims to possess the keys to a Free Energy engine, something that would change some things on the face of the earth for sure, not to speak of the monetary system first of all!

Is a constant supply of free electrical energy that far-fetched?
There exists the idea that near the very end of the second world war in Europe, the German Navy refitted some damaged U-boats with non-conventional propulsion systems. This was unlike other developments by the German Navy, which involved extensive testing and prototypes and perhaps a whole line of test U-boats. After the war, the tales suggest that these U-boats may have continued to function as sort of a phantom navy for the post-war SS.

It’s amazing that in 1960, fifteen years after the war ended, a book got published by Future Press titled: “We want you: Is Hitler Alive?” (Author Michael X.) and later reprinted in 1969 by Saucerian books. 1960 that means just before the Berlin wall was erected and in a time Eisenhower was President.

 Excerpt from Page 35 and 36:

FREE ENERGY, if released to this planet, could change things on earth as they have never been changed before. It could — undoubtedly — usher in a New Order of The Ages. Imagine it. A constant supply of free electrical energy taken right from the atmosphere by everyone. Yes, a universal power such as Free-Energy could release man from many of the burdens now present in our world money systems. But who has such a secret? The Nazis!


If they have the original Viktor Schauberger “Electro-Magnetic” engine — or improved versions of it — they have Free Energy. The UFO engine runs of power taken directly from the atmosphere and that is quite inexhaustible.


I have talked with a brilliant man from Europe. Holland, I believe, is his native land. It is, however, no effort for him to speak seven different languages fluently… including German. I asked him if he could give me any pertinent facts about the Nazis’ use of Free-Energy, since I knew he had access to certain “inside information”.


‘Yes’, my friend replied, ‘it is known that the Nazis have a Free-Energy motor, and used it in 1958 to propel a U-boat between Europe and Buenos Aires. It is also believed by many of us that there is an underwater station somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between Germany and Argentina. A stopover place, no doubt, for Nazi subs and UFO’s.’

-end Excerpt quote

Well, the “underwater station” certainly could be identified as Fuerteventura.

Col. William Buechner and Kapitan Wilhelm Bernhart described in their book “Hitler’s Ashes” (1989), the German submarine U-530 that surrendered in Buenos Aires on July 10, 1945, two months after the war in Europe had ended this way:

“It is to be remembered that the U-530 was exceptionally fast. What kind of miraculous power plant propelled her on her swift course and what kind of wonderful fuel did she burn, which was efficient, same, cheap and clean? Would the general use of this fuel have made the petroleum industry obsolete? And would it have unbalanced the economy of the world? Somewhere deep in the confidential archives of World War II, the answers to these questions await the coming of another era.”

It is to be kept under consideration that one author of the above, Kapitan Wilhelm Bernhart, is an alias. In life he was a junior officer aboard this very U-boat. So he ought to know what he is talking about.

Another interesting read is the book titled FLUGSCHEIBEN UND U-BOOTE ÜBERWACHEN DIE WELTMEERE  Teil 1 – 1988 O. Bergmann (Flying Discs and submarines watch the Oceans)

Irgendwann und irgendwo auf geheimen U-Bootstützpunkten außerhalb des deutschen
Mutterlandes, müssen die von der deutschen Kriegsmarine abgezweigten und auch während
der letzten großen Absetzung im April/Mai 1945 verschwundenen U-Boote mit neuen
revolutionären Techniken ausgestattet und auch auf elektromagnetischen Antrieb umgestellt
worden sein. Diese dürften damit über die gleichen Möglichkeiten und Techniken verfügen
wie die deutschen Flugscheiben (UFOs genannt).

“At sometime and someplace, at secret U-boat bases outside the German motherland, U-boats of the German Navy must have been weighted-out, and, during the great withdrawal in April/May 1945, missing U-boats must have been equipped with new revolutionary technology and also must have been converted with electromagnetic propulsion. With this these (U-boats) may, (have been) arranged with the same possibilities and technologies as the German flying discs (called UFOs).”

One needs to admit that after all, the story once told by Mr. Rolf Naumann, or was he really Rolf Dietrich? isn’t that far-fetched. So what’s up with all those other stories he told about Otto Maier?

Free Energy - Otto Maier

Free Energy – Otto Maier & Gross Konzern