Maier Files – The Legacy – Part 01
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Maier Files – The Legacy – Part 01

Maier Files – The Legacy – Part 01

Maier Files – The Legacy – Book 0 – Episode 0
This is Part 01 of the Prequel, the Legacy – Episode 0 – the start of a huge storyline.  The script is based on the story of Otto Maier and a strange, enigmatic division Parzival. The novel is published in comic-strip format.

It all starts with the lovebirds, Dieter and Lena and how they get into a dizzying adventure in which everything is about the secrets of Otto Maier, missing bullion and esoteric treasures. They need to find their way through a maze of codes and machinations where nothing is what it seems. By delving into their own family history they open up “a Pandora’s box” of secrets. Maier Files is a puzzle, a mysterious trip, straight down the dark road into the unknown, a landscape full of codes, symbols and a hidden grizzly history of the world.

Download the Prequel free at the home page.


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