Maier’s engine a plausible myth?
On second thoughts, free-energy, Magnetscheiben (magnetic discs), Fire balls, USO's, Laser Guns and many more exciting technology, the so called "Wonder Weapons" have all a serious backstory and aren't obviously science-fiction as one may think. But there's more to it than only those fantastic big projects.
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Maier’s engine a plausible myth?

Flying Saucer

Maier’s engine a plausible myth?

Most of the readers will already know that the Maier files is based on Mr. Naumann’s narrative. This secret history of Otto Maier’s science, flying discs, the legacy of Mr. Gross’ factory, some references to a Grail quest and a banking conspiracy, it all seems a little far-fetched at first glance. But is it? When one tries to find more details regarding these topics, one encounters soon enough worlds within worlds.

On second thoughts, free-energy, Magnetscheiben (magnetic  discs), Fire balls, USO’s, Laser Guns and many more exciting technology, the so called “Wonder Weapons” have all a serious backstory and aren’t obviously science-fiction as one may think. But there’s more to it than only those fantastic big projects. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the “collapse” of the USSR, more and more new facts and amazing proof are popping up to surface. A good read about the theft of patents is Mr. Georg Friedrich’s book titled “Unternehmen Patentenraub” – 1945 Die Geheimgeschichter des größten Technologieraubs aller Zeiten. (The secret story of the biggest Technology theft in history) Hundred of thousands of patents were taken by the Allies from German vaults at the close of the war. Hundreds of thousands of patents is not an exaggeration at all. As mentioned in Mr. Friedrich’s book the last patent taken from the Berlin Patent Office by the U.S. was numbered at 750986. This means the actual number of patents taken from all facilities at least approached one million and this certainly does not include the SS secret archives. About the flying discs it seems several kinds have been tested. The more conventional prototypes as the one worked on by Dpl. Ing. Schriever ( and the more unconventional the so called magnetic discs and other unknown technologies.

But could the Maier engine at all fly?
Another interesting read on this topic is Mr. O. Bergmann’s book “DEUTSCHE FLUGSCHEIBEN und U-BOOTE ÜBERWACHEN DIE WELTMEERE”. One can read on page 195 :

The later flying discs (UFO’s) have still only one revolving, rotating ring as it is always reported by eye witnesses. This revolving ring generates its own gravity field, the same way as heavenly bodies and planets do when they circle around their axes. Nature, the godly cosmos, is constructed upon wise, conformed laws. Today mankind does not only possess the ability to recognize these wise, conformed laws but also possess the ability to mimic the abolition of gravity by means of rotating devices. We have already said that the German flying discs have made themselves independent of earth’s and other planets’ gravity. They are no longer exposed to pressure and suction forces, resulting in the often observed zig-zag Flight pattern at high speed, the sudden stops or the hovering in the air. Without their own gravity creation, it would be impossible to keep the occupants safe.

Die späteren Flugscheiben (‘UFOs’} haben nur noch den umlaufenden, rotierenden Ring, wie aus Augenzeugenberichten immer wieder hervor geht. Dieser umlaufende Ring bewirkt den gleichen Effekt, ahmt praktisch die um sich selbst drehenden Himmelskörper und Planeten nach, wodurch ein eigenes Schwerefeld bei den Planeten wie bei den Flugscheiben erzeugt wird. Die Natur, der göttliche Kosmos, sind nach weisen Gesetzmäßigkeiten aufgebaut. Der Mensch besitzt heute nicht nur die Fähigkeit, diese Gesetzmäßigkeiten zu erkennen, sondern die Aufhebung der Schwerkraft mittels der Rotation in technischen Geräten nachzuahmen. Wir sagten schon, die deutschen Flugscheiben haben sich damit von der Erdschwerkraft unabhängig gemacht, ebenso von der Schwerkraft anderer Planeten. Sie sind den Druck- und Zugkräften nicht mehr ausgeliefert, wodurch das oft beobachtete Zick-Zack fliegen bei hoher Geschwindigkeit erst möglich wird; zudem ohne Schaden für die Insassen. Oder der plötzliche Stillstand und das Schweben in der Luft.

So Mr. Bergmann states that a force, gravity or electromagnetic or both can be generated through rotating bodies and that some types of German flying discs used a rotating part to achieve this energy production. All based on and mimicking the planetary motion. That doesn’t yet explain much, one might still think it’s a fantasy. But again references about electric currents and the magnetic field of the earth can even be found in 1895 by a researcher Kristian Birkeland. He did find that the electrical currents when contacting the magnetic field of the earth generate an almost vertical flow and create a glow. Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland (13 December 1867 – 15 June 1917) was a Norwegian scientist. He is best remembered as the person whose theories of atmospheric electric currents elucidated the nature of the aurora borealis. In order to fund his research on the aurorae, he invented the electromagnetic cannon and the Birkeland-Eyde process of fixing nitrogen from the air.

There’s another hint: the Searl disc. This Searl disc is wonderfully simple since it used only permanent magnets.  Named after prof. John Searl. His craft actually flew in Warminster UK during the late ’60’s. Do a search and you will see thousands of articles and links relating to him and his work. A serie of magnets were arranged on the spinning wheel of the saucer and revolved around a larger, central permanent magnet at the center just like the planets rotate around the sun or the stars of the galaxy rotate around the central black hole. So eery similar to the earlier German discs descriptions.

More to be found on prof. Searl own website here:

So we can conclude that the Otto Maier and the Gross theme is quite plausible and not just fantasy…
-to be continued-