Occult practices of the British Secret Intelligence Services
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Occult practices of the British Secret Intelligence Services

Occult practices of the British Secret Intelligence Services

Backstory of the Maier-files part 2 the occult in British intelligence services MI5 – MI6.

Another possible clue to Crowley’s wartime involvement with intelligence agencies, surfaced in a report, sent by Kim Philby in 1942 to Moscow. He was MI6 officer and a Soviet mole.

Philby informed his Russian masters, that MI6 were investigating a blackmailing racket, linking Air force officers and members of British high society to drug smuggling, heterosexual and homosexual orgies and ‘black magic rites’.

It was believed, this racket was being run by operatives of the German secret service, based in the German embassy in neutral Dublin.

As both Crowley, and oddly the Soviet ambassador, are supposed to have been involved in organising the orgies and Black Masses, it is more likely, that MI5 were behind it, instead of the Germans.

Intelligence services, from all countries, have always carried out ‘false flag’ operations. and used the dark arts of blackmail and subversion, to expose traitors and recruit foreign agents, politicians, and dignitaries.

Another fact: the assistant-director of British Naval Intelligence, was the eccentric, and flamboyant Commander Ian Fleming. He was of course to become world famous, as the creator of the fictional, British spy, James Bond.

It is believed that Fleming based his character – M. the head of the Secret Service, on his friend and colleague of MI5, Maxwell Knight. Fleming also shared Knight’s interest in the occult, divination and numerology. And he also knew Crowley.

Hence we have a clandestine, social and work related network, of intelligence officers, interested in the occult, and actual practitioners of the magical arts.