Others on The Maier-Files
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Others on The Maier-Files

Knocky Magazine

Others on The Maier-Files

There’s no accounting for tastes, some say. We absolutely agree on that and so don’t expect everybody will think of The Maier-Files as beautiful or interesting just because we do think it is, but nevertheless we’re always happy when readers let us know that we’re doing well.


In that respect the publication of the prequel on the Stripster website has been a boost for us since weeks, exactly like the publication since this weekend in Knocky Magazine. Both are in Dutch, both are available for free on the internet (English invites of course are more than welcome).


But the accompanying comments – in case of Stripelmagazine forming a long interview (read it in English here https://the.maier-files.com/our-publicity-budget-consists-of-blood-sweat-and-tears/) – are nice too.


We spare you the technical comments. Pat has his own style, a style which – and we’re proud of that – corresponds seamlessly to the story we’re telling, but of course also a style which is still in development. Exactly like the story is in continuous development by the way (we’re actually amazed about the roads our characters lead us on). You can love the story and appreciate the style or not, to enrapture everyone is just not possible and we work in the way we like it.


But we would like to share some of the newest comments:


–          “What you’re making is beautiful and I can only applaud your ambition with such a big project.” (Dirk at Stripster)

–          “Promising newcomer(s): super realistic style, but well done, almost photographic.” (Rob B.)

–          “We at Knocky Magazine applaud for such initiatives. The world of comics needs a boost and maybe this comic, following in the footsteps of an international and successful series like ‘The walking dead’, can make that happen. A comic made here ! And now the prequel in Knocky !” (Knocky Magazine)

–          “My compliments by the way! It’s looking good!” (Bidde S.)

–          “Your comic looks great.” (Martin v.d.S.)


Have an opinion of your own ? Let us hear it ! You can always reach us via info @ maier-files . com. Go for it !