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Rolf Dietrich

Rolf Dietrich Maier Files

22 Jan Rolf Dietrich

The Tannhäuser of Aventinus, who reaches the ‘rose garden’ is a king, who later becomes a god. His divination is confirmed by the fact that he enters forever into the ‘rose garden’ and that the keys of Heaven are conferred to his charge. — The god of the garden cannot be that of the Bible and the keys of Heaven — read: of the ‘rose garden’ — can only be understood in the sense of this ‘master key’ which today in Lower Saxony is not known as the ‘Thieves’ key’ or ‘Dietrich’, but as Peterken or Peterchen, ‘little Peter’! . For the kingdom of Lucifer to open before you, all you need is a… Dietrich!  To rejoice in this enchantment of roses, it is necessary to enter secretly, in other words unbeknownst to the priests, into this marvellous land. Otherwise, the ‘master key’ could be stolen from you …  -Otto Rahn-