Rosetta’s first discovery on comet 67P: a flying saucer
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Rosetta’s first discovery on comet 67P: a flying saucer

Rosetta’s first discovery on comet 67P: a flying saucer

Yesterday we told you that we’re not “believers” concerning “chemtrails”. Well, we’re not believers concerning flying saucers either. Especially when the personnel of these saucers exists of nothing but little green men who, after hundreds of abductions of earthlings, still don’t know enough about our kind and thus keep on putting anal and other probes in the guinea pigs they beam up for that cause.


But … of course there are unidentified flying (and other) objects, better known as UFOs. It seems to us that the thing that was accidentally photographed by spacecraft Rosetta while making a picture of comet 67P, or 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko (named after the people who discovered the comet) belongs in that category.


Yeah … but UFOs are photographed almost every day, no ? Indeed, but rarely by a spacecraft. Okay, but maybe – which is actually not rare – it’s just some photo editing by amateurs of the UFO genre ? No, it isn’t, and that is what makes this picture interesting. This picture namely can be found on the website of the European Space Agency ESA and this organization, the European counterpart of NASA, also claims it: copyright ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM, description “four image NAVCAM mosaic of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, using images taken on 10 September when Rosetta was 27.8 km from the comet”. Identification number of the picture: 322247.


You can look at the picture here. But it gets more interesting – though the anomaly is visible already – when we open up a bigger version and use our magnifying-glass by clicking right on the picture. The UFO is in the “upper” half of the comet, in the valley on the right side of the top. If you scroll the image in that direction, you can’t possibly miss it: a white circular object seemingly floating through that valley.


Okay, okay, but isn’t that Philae, the lander Rosetta brought in ? No, because Philae is not circular and it hasn’t been launched yet.


Hmm, but what is it then ? Honestly ? We don’t have a clue. We didn’t exactly buy it when movies and pictures started circulating about “unknown objects” above and buildings on the comet – the fact that the origin of those videos and pics remains unclear or at least “strange” is reason enough for that -, but that’s different with this picture. Not just because of the authenticity of the picture, but also because what’s on it is quite clear.


That the object doesn’t really belong in the landscape is explained by The Huffington Post by the fact that the rock next to it shows other characteristics despite both being in the same sunlight: “The rock”, according to The Huffington Post, “appears as a darker more rugged shape while the metallic disc appears to reflect the sunlight back into the camera lens of the Rosetta spacecraft”. But why the idea that it is flying ? Well, look at the picture again: the shadow of the object is not attached to the object, contrary of course to what is the case for all non flying objects. The upper side of the shadow is exactly the same shape as the upper side of the object, the lower side being mingled with the shadow of a rock it’s flying over. You can see that clearly in this video.


Enough for us anyway to call the object a UFO … And, oh yeah, no UFO’s in our free prequel.