The Maier Files | Secrets of Scotland
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Secrets of Scotland

Ceridwen, Scotland, Brigid, Arthur secret

26 Jan Secrets of Scotland

High up in the northern Hebridean Islands of Great Britain is a beautiful well, in the village of Melbost. The well is known to be a place of healing and is dedicated to St. Bride, the name given by Catholic Church to Brigid, the Celtic mother goddess. Weaving is also part of ancient Gaelic healing rituals. The entwinded threads of Brigid, red, white and black were used in sacred rituals. A french writer, de Longueville Harcovet from in the eighteenth century wrote that in the Hebrides Islands, west Scotland, the people are so longlived, there is a cruel custom of putting to death those who, got to the age of hundred and fifty or two hundred years …