The Maier Files | Story of Parzival – Chapter 10-13 Klinschor
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Story of Parzival – Chapter 10-13 Klinschor

Klingsor - Klinschor

27 Jan Story of Parzival – Chapter 10-13 Klinschor

While Parzival resided with the hermit Trevrezent, his bosom companion (almost his double) Gawan pursued a good many amorous adventures and engaged in chivalric contests, which he always won. His love of ladies was without limits, so he went recklessly from one to another, never regretting a moment spent in passionate embrace. His love was carnal, but noble as well. Most of all he wished to win the heart of Orgeluse, a proud and beautiful queen adept at sensuous love.

Once in Morocco, or perhaps Sicily, Gawan came upon a dark fortress wherin he found a magic bed made of glass, the cunning device of Klinschor, the black magician. Even the pavement around the bed was glassy, so Gawan walked gingerly, then he took a flying leap and landed in it! Thus he plunged without sword or armour into a battle with supernatural forces, all due to the shadowy magic of Klinschor. Much wounded and exhausted, Gawan was succoured by a wise old queen who told him, You shall recover with medicine I get from Kondrie the Sorceress, who brings it from Wild Mountain. Gawan was relieved to hear of this connection to the Company of the Gral, but he still had more magical battles to fight, weird and terrifying trials. All through his adventures, the valiant knight was counselled and healed by various women, including Orgeluse and Kondrie.

Time and again Gawan found himself at Chatelmerveil = Marvel Castle, the domain of Klinschor. Burdened with woman trouble, he kept being pulled into an adventure with the resident enchanter of that place.  In this castle 400 young maidens and 4 queens are imprisoned. In the palace where Klinschor dwelt there was a spiral staircase that circled around a splendid Pillar brought from Araby. The Pillar was all formed of crystals and geometrically designed. When Gawan ascended it, he saw many marvels and visions.

From a Sabian queen gifted with star-gazing powers, Gawan learned that the black magician, who was subtle and urbane, had a secret purpose in getting men of arms to fight each other. The key to the entire affair came to Gawan in the words of his lady love, the Duchesse Orgeluse. She told him that she was once loved by Amfortas, who in her service acquired his grievous wound. This tragedy had happened because Klinschor, that necromancer, extorted a Treasure from Orgeluse, and tempted men into fighting to win it back for her. Otherwise, Amfortas would not have challenged Klinschor, but if he hadn´t Orgeluse would have become the magician’s slave. Of the men who defended her, the greatest was Ither, the Red Knight, she told Gawan, but, alas, he had been slain by a young warrior named Parzival.

Gawan was startled to hear his friend´s name spoken in this manner. He knew that the adventure with Klinschor must now take a different turn. Many noble people were enspelled at Marvel Castle, where Klinschor regaled them with a mock feast that parodied the feeding by the Gral. Aided by his faithful consort Orgeluse, Gawan escaped the magician´s realm, and they returned together to the court of King Artus. There it was Arnive, Artus´s mother, who confided in Gawan further aspects of his adventure. She told him that Klinschor’s magic only reached the kingdom of Artus in a diluted way, but elsewhere it was extremely potent. His base was Terre de Labur in Calabria. Klinschor was descended from Virgil of Naples, a powerful enchanter. From Italy he and his wife Iblis cast many a spell abroad, even though the magician was not really a whole man, but handicapped – castrated by a rival king who found him in bed with his wife. Klinschor then fled to Persia where he learned the arts of black magic. Because of the castration, he bore ill will to men and women alike. Thus the aged Arnive gravely told Gawan.

In his high fortress in Sicily, Klinschor performed ingenious magic in imitation of the Gral, providing himself with all manner of precious things, and sustenance to last some thirty years. But in his weird adventures at Marvel Castle, Arnive said, Gawan had overridden these powers of enchantment. In fact, he had won the black magic from Klinschor and converted it, so that he was free of molestation and malice. Due to the valiant efforts of Gawan, many noble people could return to a normal life, no longer under the evil spells emanating from Castle Marvel. All the people of the land in Artus’s realm and far afield as well celebrated the restoration of the Nobility.

There remained but one adventure for Gawan, a final contest that would lead him back to the true stem of it all.


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Klingsor - Klinschor