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Nothing appears in real time

06 Oct The Spectre of the Will and Truth

  The Albruna Gudrun, from the Maier files series, once said that Truth doesn't come into the world naked but Truth wants to give herself naked. She is desperately seeking nudity. Jean Braudillard claims that the fact is that this nudity wraps it in a second...

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Otto Maier and Time illusion

24 Aug Is Time only an illusion?

The break between the scientific comprehension of time as well as our general knowledge of time has bothered thinkers all through history. It has deepened since physicists have slowly stripped time of most of the characteristics we usually ascribe to it. Now the rift between...

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Jewel at the center of the universe

13 May A creepy reference to Ancient knowledge

Could it be that space and time do not really exist in the Cosmos? For those who are interested in the many layers hidden in the series, this article in the Quanta Magazine would be a good read. We now have a "jewel-like geometric object" forming the...

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