The Maier-Files’ first steps
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The Maier-Files’ first steps

strip step

The Maier-Files’ first steps


The previous weeks we have not just been writing and drawing, rewriting and redrawing book 1, but were especially busy making our own publicity and promoting the free prequel to the comic series on the internet. A more than fulltime job which is not immediately generating lots of reactions, though we have received some positive response here and there.


This weekend we go on tour for the first time. We will not exactly be signing our books or something, but we do hope to make ourselves a little more known with the “big” public on the comic fair “Aalst stript” in Aalst (Keizershallen, Keizersplein, Aalst, Belgium). So, if you see two guys walking around with a “Trust no one”-shirt over there: come towards us, ask a flyer, give us a pat on the back, and read that free prequel subsequently (book 1 will be on the market in October). Because The Maier-Files is worth it …


Meanwhile we’d like to thank the people at Stripster, where our prequel is being published since this week too, be it in easier to swallow portions of four pages at a time.


Oh yeah, we’ve had our first interview too. That should be published somewhere else – we’ll let you know where – by the end of next week.


Enjoy your weekend. Maybe we’ll see each other in Aalst ! And … read that prequel …