The puppets of the Moneymen
From earliest times down to the present day, the leaders of nations have been the puppets of moneymen and their sytems who hire them to rob the people they pretend to rule.
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The puppets of the Moneymen

Moneymen and their puppets

The puppets of the Moneymen

In his excellent thesis, The Babylonian Woe, David Astle stated: “It seems that almost none of the scholars make any serious effort to throw light on the real meaning of  private monetary emission, and the disastrous effects that it has had, and in finality, will have, towards the defining of the remaining period of time of man upon this earth, as being brief and uncertain. Those strange decisions of kings signalling the opening of wars as frightful and disastrous to the European peoples, as the last two so-called “World Wars,” decisions so deprivating, but more than that, abnegatory of the best interests of the peoples they represented before God, far from being the directives of benevolent force, are the directives of a force which cannot but be described in any way but as being wholly malevolent.”


In the same way Leon Tolstoy declared: “Universal historians will be valuable only when they can reply to history’s essential question: What is Power? History can only be explained by introducing a Power which they apparently do not recognize.

Mr. Astle created in his book a vivid description of what most historians have feared to reveal. It remains the same today, and after reading his work we know the reason why it’s been cloaked or occulted!

In his foreword, Mr. Astle notes that “All priest-kings and priests, in ancient City States of Mesopotamia came to forget that the foundations of the power given to them from on High towards the maintenance of the right living and tranquil procession through life, of their peoples, were the laws of distribution of surpluses as written on the scribes tablet; laws instituted by the god himself each ordering a specified dispensation from the surpluses in his warehouses in the Ziggurat, to the holder of the tablet. They too fell into the error of believing that silver with value created as a result of its being used as a balancing factor in international exchange could become a perpetual storehouse of value… They themselves became consumed in the scramble for this gleaming metal, so conceding it, through its controllers the power to set itself up in opposition to the law of the gods; to raise itself up in its own right, god in itself. The fiat of the internationally minded group of merchants or bullion brokers that arbitrarily dictated the exchange value of such silver, being in actuality determination internationally of the value of money, placed such groups controlling silver exchanges above and beyond local law and the law of the local god, and indeed conferred on them the power to influence kingly appointment. It made of them the servants of a one god, a god above all gods; thereby somewhat relegating the god whose order on the state warehouses as inscribed on clay by scribe or priest, had been the law governing exchanges, to the place of their servant, the instrument…”

Astle writes that the same power base that controls reality spins it in a deceptive way, usually cloaked in the sanctimonious drivel of a religion.

“…But who was who, or why, or what, little concerned that brain centre in Babylon or Ur, or wherever it was… Whoever they professed to be, or to belong to, meant nothing. Out of death and destruction was their harvest, whether those they said were their own, were theirs or not. The only reality was control of precious metal… Out of death and destruction came the releasing in that day of the all important hoards of stored bullion, and the renewal of the slave herds to be consumed in mining ventures in distant places, garnering the increase of such precious metals…”

Since archaic time, it has all been shrouded in the secret sanctimony of religious ritual.

“While the purpose of the temple was to cause the people to live godly lives according to the customs of the day and to preserve them from straying out of the ways of righteousness, as it were, the secret and private money creative power, being more concerned with the opposite, the needs of the anti-god, the destruction of the people’s lives, whether of king, priest, nobleman, or merchant, or he who laboured in the field, loaned without such discrimination…”

“Out of the resulting confusion amongst rulers could come nothing but advantage to themselves and their purposes; out of the break up of family and home and tradition, all that the dedicated servant of the god has in life, would come an exhausted and confused people, more ready to accept slavery. Corruption of the priesthood, as in today, was the chief aim of money conspiracy, and by causing such priesthood to lose sight of its high purpose and itself as the voice of god on earth, success in all its other purposes naturally followed.”


This battle was over a long time ago, as Mr. Astle demonstrates:

“After the final triumph of the international money creative fraternity which may be identified in Mesopotamia with that period of conquest, reconquest, and conquest again that began with that invasion of Sumeria by the Gutim in 2270 B.C., and ended with the collapse of the Empire of Ur of Ibi-Sin before the Elamite rebels with their Amorite allies in 2030 B.C., and their taking away to Susa as captive, both the cult statue of the Lord Nannar, the Moon God together with the King Ibi-Sin himself, earthly viceroy of that God, those agents of International Money Power, quickly concluded the work of destruction through liberalism and permissiveness, no doubt, so that by 1900 B.C., the Sumerian had totally lost his national and racial identity and will to be… What continued from then on was, without a doubt, a mixed breed with no special allegiance to anything other than “money”.”

The trail of betrayal, blood and tears, all bound up in lies, stretches from the very dawn of civilization down to our present day. Astle continues:

“World Government is total government worldwide in which no independent race or people shall be except the rulers, who necessarily will have to be an exclusive caste. Total consent of all presumptuous, if not imaginative, bankers will never be ; but out of the weakness and confusion created by them amongst us towards these their own vain purposes, the world Government they mutter about, may come through conquest, though it is not they who will be the conquerors, though indeed, they will be the principal instrument. There would be no way of bringing about that total monopoly of money, industry and empire, which is world government, save through the manipulation of the credulity of mankind, and the pathetic trust he still maintains that his rulers are the voice of God on earth for him, as he blindly stumbles on, except it be by armed conquest.”

. . . in their folly the men of the city are willing to wreck our great city, being won over by wealth. False are the hearts of the people’s leaders. — Solon, 600 BC

“So to sum up the situation so far as pre-Solonian Athens was concerned, a simple unlettered people offered all the luxuries of another world as against the new money whose function is so little understood by lettered people even in this day, without going back 2500 years, had become swamped in debt. The law in respect to this debt had been upheld by a corrupted nobility in favour of the bankers. No doubt it had been represented to them by these same bankers that this pressure of debt on the growing population would keep the masses docile and tied to the land as was indicated by the prevalence of the mortgage tablets on the farms of Attica. This condition, favouring the corrupted nobility of Greece and the international money power, ignored the needs of the new-rich manufacturers of Athens, who were neither able to obtain sufficient supply of local free labour, nor to obtain slaves.”

The squeeze employed by the international bankers was exactly the same one they use today.

“The situation is very clear. The kings and aristocracies as descended from ancient days, as a derivative of their folly in permitting the unrestricted activities of the new bankers, who were now well established in all the major cities of Greece outside of Sparta, saw a class of manufacturers and entrepreneurs come into being, largely foreigners and men of lowly origin. These men, more often than not with the means of nobility but the outlook of slaves, were clearly a serious threat to kings and nobility and the order they represented.”

“The tyrant, therefore, was that force by which international money power as it derived from the control of silver bullion and the slave markets, destroyed all resistance to its total ownership of life and labour and human hope …”

“The tyrant was one who the banker could rely on to put through his “Levelling” programme, or in the double talk of today, could be relied on to “Press ahead with Democratization”. The tyrant had to be one completely in accord with that so-called “democratic” political attitude, which the banker always seemed to espouse … His ostensible purpose had to be to “Level”; such levelling meaning of course, tearing down everything above themselves, (and above the banker too! …)”

We can only conclude that from earliest times and apparently without exception down to the present day, the leaders of nations have been the puppets of moneymen and their sytems who hire them to rob the people they pretend to rule.

The Babylon Woe


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