The Maier Files | The story of Parzival – Chapter 1
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The story of Parzival – Chapter 1

Gahmuret son of king Gandein of Anschau (Anjou)

20 Jan The story of Parzival – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Belakane 

In Syria, long before the Holy Wars, lived king Gandin (Gandein) of Anschau (Anjou) whose ancestral home was faraway France. Gandin had a son named Gahmuret, a bold and adventurous knight who feared no adversary, but excelled especially in wooing women and avoiding penance for his lustful ways. When Gandin died in combat, Gahmuret refused his entitlement to rank and riches, preferring instead to wander in Arabia. He exchanged his father’s coat of arms, a panther, with an anchor and visited Baghdad, Damascus and Allepo before coming to the Kingdom of Zazamank where he met the beautiful queen, Belakane. Having just lost her husband, Belakane needed someone to protect her lands. When Gahmuret intervened in her behalf, all was saved.

Although tempted by the many dusky ladies of the court, Gahmuret fell hard for Belakane, who generously offered him her favors. Although she was an infidel and heretic, her devotion to him was almost religious. For some time they were happy, with Gahmuret amusing himself in jousts and chivalric tests.

Soon Gahmuret grew restless to wander and find new adventures. On the night Belakane conceived his child, he departed, leaving a letter in which he declared that he loved her, indeed, but Love itself would ever be his Mistress. In due time, Belakane had a child, a boy all mottled black and white, whom she called Feiresiss Anschewein.  Meanwhile, his father had already roamed faraway to Spain.


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Gahmuret son of king Gandein of Anschau (Anjou)

Gahmuret son of king Gandein of Anschau (Anjou)