The Maier Files | The story of Parzival – Chapter 14 – Gramoflanz
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The story of Parzival – Chapter 14 – Gramoflanz

Parzival und Gawan

28 Jan The story of Parzival – Chapter 14 – Gramoflanz

Honor demanded that Gawan, who had accomplished so much, must also avenge the murder of the husband of his true love, Orgeluse. The man who did this deed was King Gramoflanz, but he was protected by another knight whom fortune had designated to fight in his stead. Gawan engaged the unknown knight who, like himself, was heavily armored, head to toe. Their faces could not be seen. When Gawan’s opponent had almost won, the unknown man suddenly abstained and threw his sword away. Declaring to serve Gawan rather than slay him, the man removed his helmet. It was Parzival! Gawan praised his friend, unseen for so long, declaring: Because your heart is true, you have mastered yourself.

King Gramoflanz arrived and everyone tried to sort out the confusion and understand how the mission to fight in his stead had fallen to Parzival. But the matter was anything but simple, and conflict flared up again before the noble men were reconciled. Finally, Gawan departed with King Artus and his entourage, leaving Parzival alone and feeling quite depressed. At the end of all these adventures, he could think only of his missing love, Kondwiramur. I am of Love’s lineage, he declared to himself, so why has Love abandoned me? May fortune now guide me to what is best to do. Perhaps God does not wish my unhappiness after all…

With such thoughts roiling in his mind, Parzival struck out on his trusty steed toward his native land of Wales.


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Parzival und Gawan