The Maier Files | The story of Parzival – Chapter 15 – Feirefiss
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The story of Parzival – Chapter 15 – Feirefiss

Parzival Feirefiss

30 Jan The story of Parzival – Chapter 15 – Feirefiss

Through his life in the Order of Chivalry, Parzival had faced many opponents, usually fighting in the cause of vengence or honor, but this challenge was different. In the East a champion appeared, a man ignorant of Christianity who desired love and fame – Feirefiss. His wealth and privilege were untold, far exceeding that of King Artus. It was inevitable that he and Parzival would meet and clash.

When they did, the fighting was fierce and closely matched. It went on for hours until Parzival´s sword shattered. At this, Feirefiss, unwilling to slay an unarmed man, threw his own sword aside. He suggested they make a truce, and Parzival concurred. So they sat down together on the grass. When the Infidel declared his name to be Feirefiss of Anjou, Parzival was startled, wondering how a man of Arabia could claim a French dynastic name – which happened to be his name, as well. When they bared their heads of their helmets, the truth was known. They were half-brothers who had never met before.

Delighted at this turn of events, Feirefiss offered Parzival a good share of his lands in Arabia, untold riches and power equal to the Sultan of Baghdad. Feirefiss confessed that he would like to meet their father. His half-brother told him that Gahmuret had been an honorable man at the service of ladies, to whom his loyalty was as great as Christian faith to God, but, alas, he was dead. Both forlorn at their losses, the knights decided to travel to Artus´s court together. Parzival assured Feirefiss that there were many ladies of radiant beauty in the entourage of the Round Table.

There was a great furor at Artus´s court at the news of their coming, and wild festivities upon their arrival. The costumes and manners of all those attending were spectacular. Among the entourage of ladies came one who wore the device of the Gral upon her breast. She descended from her mount and knelt before Parzival. He recognized her with a shudder of resentment, but put his feelings aside. It was Kondrie the Sorceress, who had cursed him for failing to ask the Question. Now, she praised him before the entire Company: A happy one you are, at last, to be united with Feirefiss. I bring you news for rejoicing. The Writing has said that you are to be Lord of the Gral. Arise and go!

Kondrie then recited the names of the stars and planetary designs that had determined this moment of good fortune. The Noble Company rejoiced, and Orgeluse, the lady of Gawan, wept tears of joy to know that Parzival´s Question would end the suffering of the wounded king. Many others also wept.


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Parzival Feirefiss