The Maier Files | The story of Parzival – Chapter 16 Loherangrin
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The story of Parzival – Chapter 16 Loherangrin

Parzival & Lohengrin

31 Jan The story of Parzival – Chapter 16 Loherangrin

At Wild Mountain, Anfortas and the family of the Gral were still suffering their curious plight: to be sustained by the Gral, but stranded in the wasted land surrounding the mountain, unable to leave or share the Gral with the world outside. Anfortas’ pain was at its peak, and the wound stank terrible. The family used herbs and fragrant extracts to clear the air, and they surrounded him with countless magical jewels, but this was not the magic he needed.

Guided by Kondrie, the knights arrived quite soon, and the king received them joyfully. Upon seeing his uncle, Parzival asked the Question: Sire, what ails thee? The effect was immediate, for Anfortas began to feel on the mend. Immediately the court set about to enthrone Parzival as King of the Gral. The hermit Trevrezent marvelled that Parzival’s innocent defiance had wrung a concession from God.

Parzival left Wild Mountain to join his wife, Kondwiramur, and their twin sons, Loherangrein and Kardeiß, who were living at a nearby encampment. She received him with laughter and affection, and, later when they were alone, deep passion. In the days that followed some decisive choices were made, and dramatic events transpired for the family. Parzival gave his ancestral lands to Kardeiß, his younger son. Henceforth, the Gral was not shown ceremoniously at regular times – now that the need to succour the king and feed the Company was ended – but only on special occasions as happened now, when Repanse presented the Gral to Anfortas for the last time.

As the Company delighted in the feast, Parzival asked his half-brother what he thought of all the rich nourishment pouring from the Gral, but Feirfiss said that he saw nothing of that sort, only a dull stone carried by the maiden whose beauty he adored, and whom he sought to love. The magical spectacle was nothing compared to her. It was decided then and there that Feirefiss and Repanse de Schoie, the Gral maiden, would be wedded. For an Infidel, marriage to such a woman was better than being baptized …

When these events had transpired, there appeared a Writing on the Gral commanding that in the future people served by knights of the Gral must not ask the name or lineage of those who served them. With this counsel in mind, the Company dispersed. Parzival gave the magical Gral to his half-brother Fierefiss who went back to Arabia with Repanse de Schoie. Eventually, she who bore him a son destined, the regent of a mysterious kingdom in Asia.  Meanwhile, Parzival´s other son Loherangrin grew strong and valiant. When this boy came of age, Parzival abdicated the title of Lord of the Gral, but he did not pass it on to his natural son. – No wise man in search of truth counts father and children as related. – To Loherangrin he charged the mission to succour the ills of humanity as he, the winner of the Gral, had succoured the pain of Anfortas and the Gral Family – but according to the conditions stated in the last Writing.

And so it was in both East and West, that the transmission of the Gral continued, and continues to this day …


Parzival & Lohengrin

Chapter 16 – Parzival