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A Deeper Analysis of the Maier Files and World events. An alternate history graphic novel
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The Myth of a Guilty Nation
The Myth of a Guilty Nation

Albert Jay Nock wrote one of the first American books of WWI Revisionism, revising the received story of why WWI began. Originally published...

Soror Mystica

The anima as a friend or soror mystica (mystical sister) has always played a great role in history. In the "cours d’amour" (courts...

Mysteries of Eleusis
Eleusian Mysteries

Harvest traditions have roots in Eleusis. The foundation of the Mysteries of Eleusis was the story of Demeter and Persephone. In this tale,...

The Albruna

In ancient times the Maidenschaft (Society of maidens) was organized in 4 groups, which are the Hexas (the lowest group), the Drudas, the...

Hjalmar Schacht and German Gold
Checking the Vaults

A large portion of Germany's massive gold reserves are stored abroad, mainly in the Federal Reserve in New York. But are the bars...

Crows and Ravens
Crows and Ravens in mythology

Crows are brought up in the mythology of countless cultures around the world as they are frequently characterised as guides for traveling between...

Maier texts
Maier’s hidden knowledge

Otto Maier's secret texts. Is there more than meets the eye? Wali - Wili - Widi - Widar. In Eddic mythology Odihn is...

Labyrinth Maier files
What were these labyrinths for?

Since the dawn of civilization, labyrinths have fascinated humankind. Knossos in Crete, has a distinctive circular maze design with seven rings. Exactly the same...

Ulva Paradox Novalis
Embrace Paradox

Ulva Naumann stated in episode 8: "Knowing Ultimate Truth is only possible when you're able to embrace paradox." Your logical mind may find this...

Disir – the Guardian Spirits

Apart from gods or goddesses, medieval authors often refer to female guardian spirits identified as dísir and sometimes fylgjur. The conceptions under-lying these...

Devil's Square Devil's Latin
The Devil’s Square

The sator arepo formula was well known throughout the ancient and medieval worlds, and in fact, known as the "Devil's latin" or the...

Carroll Quigley
The Evolution of Civilizations

The Evolution of Civilizations expresses two dimensions of its author, Carroll Quigley, that most extraordinary historian, philosopher, and teacher. In the first place,...

The 12 knights
The 12 Knights

In almost all myths all over the world the same theme reoccurs. The 12 knights, 12 tribes, 12 heroes etc. In his last...

Wagner and Schopenhauer
Wagner and Schopenhauer

When reading Maier's journals and stumbling on his musical (harmony) ideas, the illusionary world and the references to the division "Parzival" one will...

The problem of consciousness

The problem of consciousness, alternatively put, is the problem of finding out how mental phenomena, such as thoughts and feelings, are related to...

Otto Maier diary entry
Imagination and phantasy

When following Maier's path one will meet somewhere on his/her road, Böhme. Like the contemporary student of the inner world, alchemists were concerned...

Tower at Bollingen
The Tower at Bollingen

[vc_row][vc_column width='3/4']In the Tower at Bollingen it is as if one lived many centuries simultaneously. The place will outlive me, and in its...

Herbert Yardley
Playing for high Stakes

Herbert Osborn Yardley (April 13, 1889 – August 7, 1958) was an American cryptologist. He founded and led the cryptographic organization the Black...

The decline of the West

The Decline of the West (German: Der Untergang des Abendlandes), or The Downfall of the Occident, is a two-volume work by Oswald Spengler,...

House of Morgan

"The House of Morgan" is about the rise, fall, and resurrection of an American banking empire—the House of Morgan. Perhaps no other institution...

Bernsteinzimmer Mystery

The amber room or “Bernsteinzimmer” in German is a lost treasure and work of art that is almost unknown in the English-speaking world,...

The Hellirunar

The Hellirunar, Helrunar or Haljarunae describes people who ‘rune’ (speak, sing, whisper) with Hel/Helja, the goddess and realm of the underworld. “Hell”, in...

British Intelligence and the Occult

British Intelligence and the Occult. One of those practitioners of the magical and occult arts was Aleister Crowley. Crowley is perhaps the best known...

Great Mother Goddess
The Great Mother Goddess

There are circa 21,000 visions of Mary in the last 1,000 years, of which 210 were reported between 1928 and 1971. Remarkble fact...

Media never exhibits reality
Media never exhibits reality

Attitudes towards death and killing in the Modern western society are compelling, and during the last decades have changed significantly. The fantasy of...


From the early 1920s, countless pamphlets and writings, indeed just a handful of books, have looked for a link between "international bankers" and...

The Money Alchemists
The money alchemists

The destruction of the worldwide economic order in the wake of World War II encouraged world leaders in 1944 to form a meeting...

Picasso & Parsifal
The secret occult works of Picasso

Picasso, the impressive artist-magus of modernism, constantly had an intense feeling for the intrusions of the spirit realms. As a kid he was...

Fiat Currency
The Impending Collapse of Fiat Currency

Few people truly understand the complexities involved with central banking. Most people throughout modern history have made the terrible mistake of not understanding...

Symbolen der liefde
Symbolen der Liefde

Soms zien we weleens kleine valken die door hun moed grote fazanten en patrijzen in het nauw kunnen drijven, zoals een betrekkelijk kleine...

Unternehmen KELCH
Unternehmen Kelch

What seest thou else in the dark backward and abysm of time? In the early stages of World War II a secret U-boat...

Singing Bird
Finally the birds sing again

Every winged being is symbolic of spiritualization. Birds are very frequently used to symbolize human souls, some of the earliest examples being found...

Skull Cups
Skull Cups and their origin

In Sanskrit, skull cups are known as kapala, and they are generally formed from the oval section of the upper cranium. They served...

Otto Maier
A secret within …

Ernst Winkler: "After reading your book, herr Maier, I am hardly further along concerning the heart of the question." Otto Maier: "How by the...

Horus Loge
Horus Loge

Mr. Lipinski wrote a controversial book, "The Horus Lodge," (Die Horus Loge) or rather the statements of his grandfather are very controversial in...

The secret teachings of Goethe

That Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), Germany's greatest poet, had an interest in the occult and alchemy is clear from Faust. Based on...