TR-3B and the Belgian UFO-wave
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TR-3B and the Belgian UFO-wave

TR-3B and the Belgian UFO-wave

Strange how little things can remind us of things that happened a very long time ago. For example the two sentences Dorn read this morning in the book “Dark Star” by Henry Stevens (very interesting, by the way, though a little too technical):


“If this were the technology the Reagan Administration had received, it would account, temporally, for the appearance of flying triangles in Belgium only a couple years after ‘payment’ had taken place. Likewise, beyond Belgium this new shape seemed to be the predominant UFO shape from that time to the present.


We told you already that we’re not “believers” concerning UFOs and were in view of the time period (ending of the 1980s – beginning of the 1990s) and the triangular shape of the objects immediately thinking of the Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk. That first stealth-bomber was produced from 1982 till 1992 and was gradually retired and stored to be, if need be, used again when the American Senate judges that necessary, from 2008 on (The first Northrop B-2 Spirit, another stealth plane that was more or less triangular, was only delivered at Whiteman AFB Missouri in 1993 and didn’t get operational before 1997.).


So Dorn dived into the internet sources, but suddenly also remembered what he had seen on an April night in 1990: an F-117 Nighthawk hovering silently above the plains around Diksmuide (West-Flanders, Belgium). And that … proved impossible.


Dorn remembered it this way: “I used to be a long distance walker, just like my father, and somewhere in April on a Friday night we started a 100 kilometer walk in the Koekelare (near Diksmuide) region. I don’t remember what was the exact hour, but at a certain moment we, my father and I, noticed, to the left of us, above the Diksmuide plains, a rather big triangular shape with yellow white lights in the corners and a red light in the middle of those. We were joking that it was a UFO since the thing was hovering and making absolutely no noise, but concluded it had to be a ‘stealth’ ) – we heard about those before -, even when it literally disappeared in a blink”.


For over 24 years Dorn didn’t think about the incident anymore. When however he started looking for the properties of the F-117, he discovered that hovering is none of them (the F-117 became unstable at low speeds), neither is disappearing from that state in just a second, left alone doing that without any noise (hovering nor flying). There’s more: googling for the words “F-117” and “Belgium” immediately resulted in … a story about a Belgian UFO-wave.


That UFO-wave started in November 1989 and ended in April 1990, the sighted UFOs commonly are called “black triangle”, but in circles of conspiracy theorists it’s named TR-3B. We know little about technology, so we won’t waste your time on explaining things we don’t understand ourselves, but “experts” claim that it’s part of an American secret project, a product of the so called Aurora-project.


We don’t know anything about that project either, but we do know that the sightings between November 1989 and April 1990 were more than standard. On November 29 already amongst the people who saw the UFOs were three police teams and everybody saw exactly the same: a large object, flying on low altitude, silent, triangular, with lights underneath. In the night of 30/31 March 1990 the UFOs were even seen on the radar and subsequently chased by two Belgian Air Force F-16s. The Glons Control Reporting Center around 23:00 received reports of a bizarre constellation of lights and asked the Waver gendarmerie (some kind of military police) to go out and confirm the reports. At 23:30 it actually did and Glons CRC got the UFOs on its radar. Air Traffic Control centre in Semmerzake (East-Flanders) confirmed the radar sighting, after which Glons CRC shortly before midnight ordered two F-16s to scramble from Beauvechain Air Base.


Over the next hour the two F-16s attempted nine interceptions of the targets and managed to obtain a radar lock on the targets on three occasions, but each time the UFOs changed positions so fast that the lock was broken. During the first radar lock the target accelerated from 240 km/h to over 1770 km/h while changing altitude from 2700 m to 1500 m, then up to 3350 m before descending to almost ground level, the first descent taking less than 2 seconds. Similar maneuvers were repeated during the next radar locks. The F-16 pilots were never able to make visual contact with the targets, there was never a sonic boom, and the sighted changes in speed would apparently have killed human pilots.


Back then nobody had a cell phone, left alone a smartphone and cameras fit for night recording were not wide spread either. The one picture taken in April 1990 proved to be a hoax. This was exactly what all the sightings were, said the professional sceptics later on: mass hysteria caused by what the media wrote, probably helicopters making “no sound” because the witnesses couldn’t hear it while there car engine was running or because of strong winds.


Well, Pat regrettably has never seen a UFO, but Dorn has. At his parents, where he lived back then, only one weekly, local paper arrived and that had never published anything about UFO sightings, he and his father were not in a car when they saw the UFO (they were walking) and that night on the plains there was almost no wind at all. That Dorn was no victim of mass hysteria is moreover proven by the fact that he realized only today that he saw a UFO then …


By the way: that was the only UFO Dorn ever saw. If you want to see more of them, you can do that in Book 1 of The Maier-Files. If you don’t want to wait for that, you can already read the free prequel. No UFOs in that, but it is an exiting story.