The Maier Files | You sang life into me!
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You sang life into me!

Albruna Gudrun

15 Apr You sang life into me!

According to Michael Talbot in his book The Holographic Universe, patterns of belief can become repeated so often that they become a “habit of nature.” While we may come to accept any aspect of our consensual reality as an absolute truth, the fact is that these are only one of many possible manifestations of reality.

You dreamed me into Life as you sang
Shaping grey mists of a time yet to be
You called me into being
Forming a feeling into flesh
You sang Life into me. Here.

A wandering child, Home again.
Shaper of bones and blood!
Dissatisfied with singular memories
You relinquished dusty anonymity
For Continuance.

A laughing Creatrix in her creation,
Breathing now in this body.
Working my sinew, scratching my skull
Incising whorls like fingerprints
Is this a code for me to break?
Or do they awaken songs
In this sacred bundle,
Uncovering what you secreted within.
I am eager to remember.



Albruna Gudrun